My 2010 model featuring the fuel tank under the rear fender and the air filter located in the traditional fuel tank position, high up and well away from mud and water.  This bike has found a new owner and has been replaced by a 2012 Sherco 2.9 which is my fifth Sherco, (if you count the 4.5i Enduro).  Pictures of the 2012 coming soon.



Here are two pictures of my 2007 Sherco 2.9 after the first ride.  Noticeable improvements over the 2003 included lighter weight, improve steering and suspension while retaining the robust, trouble free Sherco powerplant.  This one has moved on to a new owner who is enjoying it almost as much as I did.



On the Greenway Trial high above Burrard Inlet it was a perfect moment to capture my 2003 Sherco 2.9. Good results from my Sony DSC-U60 waterproof digital camera. I really enjoyed this bike but I had to sell it to make room for the 2007.



When I need a change of pace I ride my other Sherco, a 2005 4.5i Enduro.  This is a fuel injected 450 four stroke single and it has seen over 10,000 kms of BC backcountry roads and trails.