2005 Outlaw Trial, Greenstone Mountain near Kamloops, BC:  (this is a long page so scroll down for all the pics)

Saturday was the day for the future stars and I had a chance to capture some of the action.  We need more events like this to encourage the young guns.  Hats off to Dave Rhodes for his hard work and commitment to growing our sport.

Sunday was the day for "Modern" bikes.
This picture called for a larger view so you can appreciate this difficult hillclimb section.  Look closely in the middle of the frame and you can see Brett Clark showing off the power and traction of the new Sherco 3.2 four stroke with a clean ride. The junior group had fun watching many advanced and expert riders taking fives here.
Here are some nice pictures courtesy of Steve Wilson: (Steve took top honours in the Junior class)
Dave Feduck looking sharp on his JTR270
Ron on the Sherco 2.9
Dave Feduck on his JTR270
Glad Steve only took pictures when my feet were up
Markus on his GasGas

Paul ridng to second spot in the Junior Class

And here are some shots thanks to Dave Feduck: 
Riders meeting with a turnout of 40 riders.   
I think this was my only clean of the day
Paul concentrating
Steve making his way through the second sub-section in the creek
The rocks were okay but that log up ahead proved more difficult
James picking his way on his TY
Steve Wilson on his Beta
Paul in the lower half of the creek section
In case you are wondering, the "old fart" on the Sherco is your host.  This was the first trial I have entered in 30 years so if I look out of practise you are correct.