2005 CPTA Classic Trial:

The 2005 Canada Pacific Trials Association Classic Trial took place at the club riding area in Ioco on October 2.  With rain clouds threatening I decided to take some pictures in the pits prior to the event.  The rain started just at the end of the first lap and persisted for the balance of the day but in spite of the weather most everyone had a great time.  Thanks to Colin Hancock for laying a great course with sections that challenged the classic classes as well as the junior and intermediate riders on modern bikes.  Lots of points taken in all classes but a fun event with only a few minor spills on the slippery rocks (and a close one for Bill Sparks who had some mechanical problems creating some excitement).

A clean Bultaco 350

Bill Sparks sharp looking SWM

Nice little Montesa Cota with a 21" bulging under the front fender.
Bobby T and his TY175 (The paint was so fresh Bob's feet stuck to the pegs for the win!)
Don Doerksen with the "Majesty" (is that his or her Majesty Don?)
R.W.Clark showing off the first kick capability of his OSSA (and yes it did start on the first go)
Brett Clark with his Bultaco (note the right side shifter and brake, hmmm)